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My Story

In February of 2015, after several months in creative reclusion, Huck announced his new website, brand and vision of "Quality Design and Craftsmanship". You can read more about Huck's Story and Vision here: My Story

11/10 The Art of Huck Gee

November, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA

Through the years artist Huck Gee has created original and awe inspiring 3D figures which sell out almost immediately through his website. He creates these unique and lovable characters in sets of 10, each individually numbered. But what nobody knew is that for each set of 10 figures he made, he also made one more and numbered it “11/10″. For the first time ever, every 11/10 piece was displayed and available for sale, almost 50 pieces in total. Fans had just one last chance to see them in person and get their hands on figures that sold out years ago.

11/10 was not only feature retrospective and new works, it was also the debut release of Huck’s first full length art book “The Art of Huck Gee”. Published by Presto Publishing and not scheduled to hit shelves till January 1st, 2012; just 200 collectors cover copies were available at the event.

11/10 saw large crowds of fans over it’s 3-day affair. Thursday, November 10th 2011 at 7pm marked the official opening which ended Sunday, November 13th with a completely sold out show.

ModNation Racers

In 2010 Huck was asked to work with the  team behind ModNation Racers to develop character, car and track designs for the game. 

The guys in United Front Games weren’t just inspired by the art and toys of the Urban Vinyl scene, they loved how the movement gave talented people a new way to express themselves. It gave artists a new way to be seen and to get recognized for their talents.

In this Spotlight, Huck Gee shows us some of his favorite toys, boots up ModNation to bring his “Skullhead” character to life, and STILL has time to have a RACE with fellow vinyl artist, Jesse Hernandez!

Huck not only has made a sweet career designing toys but is one of the few vinyl artists featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It was great to see how he was able to realize his vision with the game’s tools and ultimately race it.

Kokio's Courier Service

"When you need speed, skills, discretion and the best simply isn't good enough. When your job requires a minimum of questions, had to be there yesterday and your life may or may not be riding upon that fact. When you need a bad ass motherfucking wasteland rat wearing giant pink bunny ears waving around a samurai sword in a bagged all wheel drive desert buggy... you call Kokio's Delivery Service.

Kokio will personally meet you in a ramshackle wasteland tavern to discuss any necessary details over the establishment's din of whores, bikers and a piano player. She will then ask no impertinent questions and will offer her 100% satisfaction guaranteed delivery to the time and place of your choosing. She will carefully pack your fragile contents into an Albatross Secure Seal Case™ and strap it into her air stabilized Desert Rat 1200. And if you are at all concerned about the Northern Wastes most notorious motorcycle gang that you pissed off back in Old Hoots Crossing getting a hint that this delivery is in fact one of the last remaining copies of 'Hell On Wheels' season 3? Well Kokio can take care of that too."

Huck invested an ungodly amount of time, money and resources into the development of Kokio. Released in September, 2013, at the time, Kokio's Courier Service was Huck's most complex and detailed set to date.

What we're really trying to say here... Kokio is a total asshole.

MOSS Shogun Tank

Huck's MOSS Shogun Tank was available as a reward to early backers of the MOSS Kickstarter system from Modular Robotics

"Sometime last year Paul Budnitz introduced me to the wonderful fellows at Modular Robotics. They are doing some really interesting robotic "toys" for kids. Really fun engineering stuff. Their passion was infectious and I saw huge possibilities. And even better, they let me have free reign with my design. There were many engineering parameters that I smashed my face into while working on this project but it was always due to engineering limitations, not the creative whims of a company head. That is a HUGE difference. Trying to wrap your head around a design is always challenging, adding the element of interchangeable robotics was a total mindfuck. It took months but they let me do my magic, I made shit up, and I pushed boundaries. 

This thing can run anonymously, driving, bumping around the house, looking for a target, waiting for a clap of the hands to fire. See video. Or can be torn down and rebuilt into a completely different design. It's like legos for engineers. I fucking love em!" -Huck

The Huck Gee Interview - Part 1

In April, 2012, in the middle of a 4 week book signing tour, Huck sat down and chatted with KR's Social Media Ambassador Ryan Wheelbarrow about his early influences of art, graffiti and toys.

In Part 2 they chat it up about customs, inspiration and tips for emerging artists breaking into the scene. 

And in Part 3 they discuss taking customizing and art to the next level, why Huck doesn't do sketches and what he has planned for the future.

The Standard Event

January 25, 2007 at The Standard Downtown in Los Angeles, CA

It all started from a cold call to The Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, what it turned into was a monster of an event that neither we, nor the hotel, expected.

This featured the release of my Hello My Name Is Dunny alongside a 6' x 24' coloring wall creating by London-based art collective ILOVEDUST, an art exhibition featuring 20 LA-based artists and a live motion capture demonstration.

Needless to say, the place was a zoo, the line wrapped around the building in downtown LA hours before the doors were open. There was booze and press everywhere. Huck's 2 hour signing event turned into 4 hours. That night more than 1,500 people came to the event.

I dare say that it was a success.

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